Just in case you didn't know balance is key to good health. Last week I posted a list of 21 Delicious Clean Eating Beef Recipes, so I thought I should rightfully make a list post on Clean Eating Vegan Recipes.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or simply want to add more vegetables into your life here you will find some very tasty clean eating vegan recipes that will make even the pickiest veggie eater salivate.

Plus like I mentioned balance is key to health, while I do love me some animal protein I make sure to always eat plenty of veggies with every meal. FYI you should be getting 3 - 5 serving of vegetables per day to ensure you get good fiber, magnesium (dark leafy vegetables), plus tons of other phytonutrients. This helps many thing specially healthy bowel movements...

If you are vegan I will give this advice (I was vegan for 11 years and a Vegan Chef at that too), make sure you get enough protein. Yes protein is important. There is more to protein than just building muscle. Your body uses protein to rebuild itself. From organs, tissues, ligaments, etc. There is a reason proteins are called the building blocks of life (amino acids).

Even while I was vegan I made sure to consume enough daily protein. I would add one protein shake a day to make sure I reached my daily requirements. Click here for a good Vegan powder source.

If you are wondering how much protein should you be consuming, while this is a huge debate. Actual science says at minimum 60-80 grams of protein per day according your weight and activity. Also consuming .8 grams per body weight is good is you are a very active person (lifts weights, works out 3-4 times a week).

And now....

11 Clean Eating Vegan Recipes​

1. Vegan Gluten Free Lasagne

vegan recipe

Find Recipe here.

11. Vegan Asian Quinoa Slaw


Find Recipe here.


As you can see adding more veggie meals doesn't have to be boring. ​Remember to have good gut health make sure you eating at least 3-5 portions of veggies a day.

Hopefully these 11 clean eating vegan recipes can help you easily reach the recommended amount of daily veggies. 

Cheers and Green Juice!



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