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It usually starts off with the palms getting a little clammy...Then you notice your breath is starting to shorten...The room starts to get smaller...

Your vision starts to feel like your looking through a fish eye lens. Now you realize your whole body is sweating. Your breath is shaky...

You start getting light lighted. Not sure whether you are going to pass out or scream..Then you raise your hands ask to use the restroom and never come back...

At least that's what I experienced on my first and only day at attempting some cheesy business school college. Because the year earlier I tried to enroll in community college but nope. A panic attack sent me racing out of that line too...

This  lasted on and off for a few years. It took me a while to figure out that I was having panic attacks. For a bit I thought I was just having some mental issues or maybe some delayed effects of all the bad acid I took during high school.

So one day I woke up looked at my life and decided I need to change the direction my life was heading. So...

I quit cold turkey alcohol, drugs, and changed my eating habits too. And this first thing on my list to accomplish on this new life path was conquering anxiety.

When I decided to change the way I was living all of sudden my life seemed like one big synchronistic dream.

Whenever I thought that I wanted to learn something about a certain subject there in front of me would appear the solution.

For example I started studying buddhism and thought to myself I wish I could find a teacher. The next week I get invited to a meditation led by a buddhist nun. And thanks to her stern teachings I was introduced to meditation...

Now this style of meditation helped me become more aware of my thoughts and mindful of what was mentally happening during a panic attack. But it didn't fully help stop them. What really made a difference was...

What I like to call "the Sacred Jewels", a special set of kundalini yoga mediations and exercises. (I'll tell you which ones in a bit). Kundalini Yoga is a powerful yoga also known as the yoga of awareness... 

So with discovering these powerful tools I began to practice kundalini yoga with great discipline. I'd meditate and chant for a few hours a day. Every day. (you don't need to go thru that extreme, unless you want to).

So with these tools I made a plan. A plan to confront this nasty fear mongering anxiety that we allow to live in us and take over our lives. I had enough.  It was time to regain control of my life...

All the while I was undergoing this self help training some really cool stuff started to happen. The breathing and chanting started having some really profound effects.

The more I did it the more I could feel this peaceful nature come over me, my thoughts. I was  becoming less reactive and a bit more graceful in my interactions...

Not only did I feel these effects during the meditation but it would last for days later. Also all these breathing techniques were teaching me how the mind follows the breath. And If you slow your breath, you slow your mind...

I starting feeling confident..

I felt like I can finally beat this beast of anxiety with breath and meditation.

So sure enough. One day I was in line at the bank (my panic attack would always happen when I was some long line of sorts). It almost always starts the same way like a slithering snake crawling up my hands slowly spreading fear and panic...

My palms start feeling moist. The feeling keeps crawling up my arm and around my chest...Slowly squeezing my ribs and cutting off my ability to breath...

I could feel my breath shifting from deep breaths into my belly to short breathes into my chest...Feeling like I'm almost about to loose it..

But not this time I said...

I was ready to stand firm and go into battle. All these months practice these "Sacred Jewels" meditations. I was ready...

I also  came up with this technique to change my mind's focus (I use to repeat this mantra to myself when I would feel a panic attack coming - "I have control of my mind, I control my mind, I have control of my mind...).  

Then came the full on body sweat. I was now drenched in sweat (ok maybe not drenched, but in my mind I felt like I was) let's just say pretty sweaty. I started to slow my breathe while chanting that in my head.

And after what felt like an hour (probably about 30 seconds) that whole feeling went away. And I though to myself... Oh Sh*t!!!

I won! It felt like a huge freaking accomplishment... 

At least the first battle was won. As time progressed the panic attacks started to lessen. Little by little...Until months passed and I had not experienced one panic attack. Then the months turned into years and no sign of that nasty beast...

I finally felt like I had regained control of my life...And I owe a lot of it to consistently practicing kundalini yoga meditation and breath work specially those " Sacred Jewels" meditations.

Changing my diet also played a huge role. I'll post a video or write about how clean eating helps reduce anxiety real soon.

Now I don't want to sound like I fully cured my self from anxiety.  Because sometimes I do feel anxious but it just doesn't affect me that strongly anymore. And I really can't remember the last time I had a panic attack.

Maybe one about 10 years ago. And that one was tiny compared to when I was younger.

What I do know that no matter how intense your anxiety is if you start meditating and doing breath work daily you can slowly bring it down from a level 10 intensity to somewhere manageable.

If I was able to conquer anxiety and regain control of my life  I know you can too...

So here below is a great simple meditation for anxiety. Enjoy!

​11 Minute Meditation
for Anxiety

Click above to watch video or you can watch on Youtube here.

​To begin: Sit up any a comfortable place. With your back straight. Take a few deep breaths to center your self and to get ready to meditate.

Breathe: Inhale 4 segmented breaths, hold the breath in for 4 count, exhale 4 segmented breaths, hold the breath out for 4 count. repeat.

Mudra: SA TA NA MA. Chant this mantra once at a slow pace when you are holding the breath in, and then again when holding the breath out.

Continue this meditation for 11 minutes.

To end: Take a deep inhale raise your arms up above your head, hold the breath in for 10 seconds and breath out forcefully. Repeat two more times.


I really really dislike anxiety. I dislike how it negatively affects peoples lives. How it takes control of people and makes them feel hopeless, fearful and paralyzed.

I wish I could directly speak to everyone that is suffering because of anxiety and let them know that they CAN conquer it.​ You just have to be consistent with certain techniques, create healthy eating habits, and exercise.

If you are consistent, you will slowly see that your anxiety levels will start to drop. And it will become manageable.

I hope you use this meditation for anxiety and practice it daily. The sooner you start is the sooner you'll start noticing positive changes.

Come back and visit my blog soon and next time I'll let you know exactly what those "Sacred Jewels" meditation series is all about.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what are your challenges with anxiety and what do you do to reduce it .  

Sebastian Muenda
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