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15 Minute Full Body Workout

This week's Flex Friday workout series is a 15 Minute Full Body Workout brought to you by our teammate Laquann.

There are only 4 exercises within this workout. But one of the movements is king when it comes to increasing your cardio and burning fat. This is the exercise most people have a love/hate relationship with...

It's the wonderful Burpee!... During my Muay Thai days of training after a 90 minute class we sometimes would end it with 100 reps of burpees...Hmmm makes me nauseous just remembering.

If you are not familiar with burpees, they are a full body movement. You start standing up. Then you squat down and kick your feet back into push up position. You do a push up. Then back into squat position. From a squatting position you then jump. Yaaay! Fun right?...

Well in this workout you'll get plenty of chances to get to know these wonderful burpees. Shall we begin?... 

To begin warm up with 30 jumping jacks, 30 high knees, and some dynamic stretching. (Slight bounce or movement while stretching)

Your goal for this workout is to do as many rounds as you can for 15 minutes straight. If you need to take short 20-30 seconds breaks in between.

Also the key to this workout is pacing yourself. Don't go 100% from the beginning. Start strong but be mindful to pace yourself. Try not to look at the time during your workout just set an alarm for 15 minutes and forget about it.

15 Minute Full Body Workout

5 Burpees
10 Squats
5 Burpees
10 Crunches (use this exercise as an active rest time, move slowly and breath deeply)
5 Burpees
10 Lunges (each leg)​

Repeat as many times as possible for 15 minutes.

Best of luck!

Let me know in the comments below how many round you did in 15 minutes. And if you want a specific workout or exercise for certain goals let me know and I'll post it up on the blog.



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