15 minute workout

If your are looking for a quick workout that will give you great benefits. Try this 15 minute workout at home that you can do with no equipment required.

You can add this workout as your fat burning cardio by itself or to finish off a weight lifting session. Either way this workout sculpt your and torch away fat.

This 15 minute workout at home consist of 4 Rounds Total. (resting 1 minute in between rounds)

First do a quick warm up: 30 Jumping Jacks, 20 High Knees (running in place),   10 Squats repeat 3 times total.
You do each exercise all the way thru without resting. 
1. Push Up Shoulder Taps - 10 
2. Mountain Climbers - 20 
3. Jumping Lunges - 10
4. Side Lunges - 20
5. Jumping Knee Touches - 10 

Once you finish one round rest 1 minute then repeat.

Watch and follow along with one our teammates Laquann in  the video below.

15 Minute Workout
At Home:
No Equipment Needed

4 Rounds Total 

(Rest 1 Minute In Between Rounds)​

1. Push Up Shoulder Taps - 10 Reps

15 minute workout at home -push ups
15 minute workout at home-push up shoulder taps

2 . Mountain Climbers - 20 Reps

15 minute workout at home - mountain climbers

3. Jumping Lunges - 10 Reps

15 minute workout at home - jumping lunges

4. Side Lunges - 20 Reps

15 minute workout at home - side lunges

5. Jumping Knee Touches - 10 Reps

15 minute workout at home - jumping knee touches

Stretch out for at least five minutes after you're done. And make sure to drink plenty of water through out the day.

And let us know in the comment section below how you did with this 15 minute at home workout.

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