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Cleansing and detox. I've had a love/hate relationship with it for over a decade and a half that has led me to find a solution that is effective yet not shocking or disgusting for the everyday person to try...

During all those years I've tried many crazy detox programs from just drinking water, to the whole lemon, water, sugar (maple syrup) drink, to drinking 6 ounces of pure olive oil to "cleanse” my liver to green juices and a few other ones…Yup good times, good times..

But it wasn’t until I started to study Traditional Tibetan Medicine that my whole perspective on cleansing and detox changed. First off with this ancient medical system (over 2,000 years old) they don’t encourage to have someone that is suffering any illness to cleanse. Why?

Because they believe your system (prana/qi) is already weakened so taking food away from it will only weaken your system even more, specially your adrenals. Instead they believe it is better to nourish the system while very gently introducing herbs and oils to help detox.

So I began to approached cleansing and detox from a whole different angle. At one point I actually provided cleanse programs that consisted of soups, broth, and teas while I lived near Malibu, California.

bieler broth recipe

(this is a pic of an old flyer for my soup/broth and tea cleanse program I use to offer) 

While researching and testing I kept coming across this one soup “Bieler broth” created by Doctor Henry Bieler. He is also author of "Food is Your Medicine”. He was a pioneer in nutrition and called maverick doctor by many of his peers.

I originally found this recipe in of my favorite books Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon who currently runs The Weston Price Foundation.

I tried this soup for myself for a couple of weeks and I began to notice a considerable difference in my energy levels. And to make sure it was the soup that was giving me energy I cut out caffeine during the same time. And to my surprise my energy levels still stayed up...

Many health practitioners claim that this soup gives you back life, vitality, while also providing your body a gentle detox.

The potassium and natural sodium by way of vegetables in this soup gives your adrenals the very needed reset and boost to function properly. As well as giving your liver the support it needs use those elements to cleanse and revitalize your body.

So who can benefit from drinking this soup?

Have you ever battled with chronic fatigue? Do you constantly need caffeine to give yourself a boosts of energy? Do ever feel stressed or constantly get sick?

If you said yes to any of these, then you will benefit greatly from this soup.

Bieler Broth Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes


3 Stalks of Celery
3 Whole Zucchini
2 Cups of String Beans
1 Cup of Parsley

1. Put 1 cup of water into a stock pot. Put the string beans in first and steam for about 5 minutes.
2. Then put celery and zucchini into the pot and steam for another 5 - 7 minutes or until tender, but still crisp. Do not overcook.
3. When done put the water that the vegetables have cooked in into the blender. 4. Blend until liquefied. Add a teaspoon of raw unsalted butter and a large handful of parsley. Blend again until parsley is liquefied.

Dosage: Drink 2 cups a day of this broth/soup for a boost of energy and good health.


I really hope you take advantage of this traditional nourishing soup so you can experience for yourself its powerful healing benefits. 

You see detoxing and cleansing doesn't have to be a harsh experience that will shock you or your body.

I have put myself and many other people thru simple nourishing yet effective detox programs that are very easy to follow.

I also created a 5 day green smoothie reset program which this soup is the dinner meal.  You can get access to my 5 Day Green Smoothie Reset here for only $1!

dr. henry bieler broth
Sebastian Muenda



Sebstian Muenda

I have dedicated the last 16 years of my life to health, fitness, and spirituality. I have taught classes, have a private practice and have opened up past businesses to support the community in reaching their highest potential within health, fitness, and spirituality.

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