So ​I recently came back from visiting family and during that trip I was asked for some recommendations for hip pain and finger joint pain relief and what to do to make hair grow thicker. My answer to all three was use Castor Oil.  That's why Today I'm want to share with you 7 castor oil uses for health and beauty.

If you are not familiar with Castor oil it is extracted from the castor bean (Rininus communis plants). It was mostly grown as an ornamental plant but now it's mainly cultivated for industrial purposes.

It was one of the first vegetables oils to be used in industrial industries because of it's lubricating properties. The automotive company Castrol derived it's name from castor oil.

This oil has been used since the ancient times of Egypt, India, Persia and China.  It was brought over to the americas in the 1700's. And was re-born again in the 1970's by the late "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce. He was a promoter of using castor oil in the form of castor packs. 

(A castor pack is simply taking a cloth soaking it in castor oil, then placing it over a certain organ such as your liver. Then you wrap that part of your body with plastic to keep the castor pack warm)

This was the way I began to use castor oil. Many years ago I used to travel monthly to New York City to study with a Doctor who specialized in liver cleanses. While we were on his program we had to wear castor packs twice a day. 

Castor oil has a very wide range of uses. From laxative to hair growth tonic.  One of the major components to give castor oil it's potent healing properties is it's high content of ricinoleic acid which makes up 90% of castor oil. 

Ricionleic acid is a very potent anti-inflammatory and anaglesic. Below I tell you some of the ways you can begin to use castor oil to improve your health and beauty.

7 Castor Oil Uses and Health
and Beauty


Castor Oil For Hair

Using castor oil on your head to helps stimulate hair growth and can also reduce dandruff. Hair growth is promoted by the vitamin E, minerals and proteins found in castor oil. It also helps to improve blood circulation and thanks to castor oil's anti-inflammatory properties it also helps those suffering from alopecia (hair loss).

To use: Slightly warm the castor oil and apply nightly on your scalp. Spend a few minutes massaging the oil all over your scalp. (You might want to place a towel over your pillow to avoid staining your pillow cases)

Some people have seen an improve in growth and thickness within two weeks.​


Castor Oil for Eyebrows

The same as above applies to your eyebrows . Use a cotton swab to apply on your eyebrows nightly. ​

castor oil for skin

Castor Oil For Skin

Castor oil is a great and less expensive alternative to moisturizing your skin. ( FYI: Most skin moisturizing products use castor oil as their base in their formulas​). Now you can create your own and save a ton.

Castor oil nourishes your skin by penetrating and covering your tissue with fatty acids that your skin loves. These fatty acids is what helps make your skin shiny and glowing.

To use: Castor oil is much stickier than most other oils as you'll soon find out. To make it easier to apply pour small amount into your hands then rub on your skin. You can also mix it with some coconut oil for easier application.

castor oil for acne

Castor Oil Uses For Removing Acne Scars​

​Castor help with acne scars by making softening the scar tissue, hydrating the skin, reducing inflammation and improve blood circulation to the area.

To use: Wash face with mild organic soap and dry. Apply castor oil with finger tips of cotton swab and massage the scar area and around it. Leave over night, then wash your face in the morning to remove any excess oil.  

castor oil for pain relief

Castor Oil Uses For Pain​

Certain bio-chemicals such as rutin which makes up about 90% of castor oil have very potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. If you are suffering from any joint pain or muscle soreness I highly recommend using castor packs over the affected area.

To make a castor make simply soak a piece of cloth or small towel with a generous amount of castor oil. Then wrap that area with some plastic or a much larger cloth or towel to keep that area warm. Be aware that castor oil will stain any fabric or clothes it comes in contact with so place special attention protecting any materials you don't want stained.

Also castor oil acts like a great carrier for other oils such as lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus when you want to target sore muscles.

castor oil uses for

​Castor Oil As  a Laxative

Castor oil has been used as a laxative for many centuries.  If you are ever feeling constipated or are doing any sort of cleanse look into adding castor oil as treatment to get things moving.

Unlike most other laxatives they usually act in the colon where as castor oil starts cleaning out stuff in the small intestine.

To use: The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 tbsp for adults and 1 to 2 tsp for children 2-12 years old. Children under 2 years shouldn’t have more than a teaspoonful at a time. You can mix the oil with equal parts orange and lemon juice to make it more palatable.

castor oil for fungus

Castor Oil For Treating Fungal Infections

​Thanks to undecylenic acid in castor oil, this gives this oil strong fungicidal properties. You can use castor oil to treat certain fungal diseases such as athletes foot, crotch itch, and ring worm.

To use heat up oil slightly. Allow to be warm to touch but not too hot that it burns.  The generally apply to affected area a couple of times a day.

(this is the kind of castor oil I have been using and
recommending to clients for the past 10 years)


Now I'm sure after reading this post you can find a way to start incorporating castor oil to improve some aspects of your health and beauty.

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you are planning to use castor oil.

Cheers to your health!​

Sebastian Muenda



Sebstian Muenda

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