12 Clean Eating Weekend Recipes

How many of you feel like you've accomplished a great feat by eating clean during the week? But yet  start to get a bit nervous on Friday morning about the upcoming weekend and fear you might fall off track with your healthy eating?

Well to give you the support you need I've rounded up 12 delicious Clean Eating Weekend Recipes just for you! And...

These recipes are so tasty that I guarantee that if you make any of these for your "not so healthy friends" you might just be able to recruit them to light aka the Clean eating lifestyle.

And if your are new to clean eating and need some proper instruction on how to start, take a moment and read this post I wrote just for beginners here.

​Oh yeah towards the end of the post you can find clean eating homemade twix bars, seriously!!!

Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas

Quinoa and Chia Porridge With Stone Fruits

clean eating breakfast recipes

You can find the recipe at Talesofakitchen.com

Avocado Baked Egg

clean eating breakfast avocado eggs

You can find this delicious recipe here at Sixsistersstuff.com

clean eating breakfast parfait

Find this recipe here at Tosimplyinspire.com

clean eating lunch recipe zesty shrimp salad

Find this recipe here at Skinnytaste.com

clean eating lunch recipe chicken fried rice

Find recipe here at SkinnyMs.com

Soft Taco Recipe With Spinach Taco Shells​

clean eating lunch recipe

Find recipe here at Sweetashoney.co

Clean Eating Dinner Ideas

clean eating protein bars

You can find the recipe here at Wholenewmom.com


clean eating raw key lime pie

Find recipe here at Thehealthyfamilyandhome.com

clean eating dessert recipes twix bars

You can find this delicious recipe here at Bakerita.com


Hope you enjoy these delicious clean eating weekend recipes! Let me know which recipe(s) you can't wait to try this weekend in the comment section below.

Cheers to your health!

Sebastian Muenda



Sebstian Muenda

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