5 Tips To Help You Eat Clean When Dinning Out

Do you ever get stressed when someone invites out to eat? Do you feel nervous that you since you've been doing so well eating clean this might get you off track?

Well I believe that sharing meals with friends and family is very important to over well being. For a while I had this experience where I would rarely go out to eat because I didn't want to indulge in certain foods. But that's not healthy.

Yes caring for your body and wanting to eat right is very important but there must be a balance. So today I am going to give you some tips to help you stay on track and still enjoy meals with friends and family when you go out.

(Please watch video for full details of these tips)

Tip #1: Turn Your Meal Into Salad

Tip #2: Ask For Less Carbs

Tip #3: Ask For Less Salt or No Salt

Tip #4: Substitute Their Salad Dressing

Tip #5 Avoid MSG!

​Eating Clean is a lifestyle. And you should be able to adapt and tweak so that it fits any situation because if it becomes to challenging to eat clean then you might just drop out or quit…

And I’m rooting for you success so I want to give you some more bonus tips just incase you feel it might be difficult to do any of the tips above. Or simply to help you understand how you can balance a night of "naughty" foods...

Bonus Tip #1: Drink 2 Glasses Of Water Before Eating

Bonus Tip #2: Eat A Light Meal of Just Protein And Veggie Prior

Bonus Tip #3: Eat A Carb-free Breakfast The Next Day ​

What are some ways you stay on track eating clean when dining out? Let me know in the comments section below.

If you are new to clean eating and want to know how to start check out this post here.

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Sebstian Muenda

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