tabata workout

A Tabata Workout consist of high intensity interval training that usually consist of 4 minute rounds. You workout for 20 seconds then rest 10 seconds repeating this cycle for 4 minutes.

Tabata training was named from the man who  created it, Dr. Izuma Tabata. He conducted studies proving the effectiveness of short tabata workout compared to one hour of moderate intensity workouts.

In one of the studies he conducted after six weeks the one hour workout group had trained 1,800 hours while the tabata group only trained for 120 hours. The end result the tabata group improved their anaerobic fitness level by 28% more than the other group!

This style of workout is great for burning fat. Because during the workout it raises your heart rate and ignites metabolism. And after your done it keeps your metabolism high to continue burning fat through out the day.

Combining tabata workout with clean eating is the quickest and safest way to lose fat.

With this style of training makes sure to warm up sufficiently. At least at for 5 minutes before and add a cooling down stretch session afterwards as well. If you want to feel less soreness the next day you need to stretch.

Also you don't need to go 100% percent through out the workout. Aim for 70-85% intensity. It's better for your metabolism and nervous system.

Below is a tabata workout video with one of our teammates Laquann warm up then press play and follow along.

HIIT Cardio Tabata Workout For Fat Loss

First warm up: 10 Push Ups, 20 Squats, and 30 Jumping Jacks do twice. Then some dynamic stretching for your hamstring (bend at the waist reach for your toes, reach down for 2 seconds then come back up and repeat 11 times). Add other dynamic stretches that you like.

Here is your Tabata Workout 3 Rounds Total:

Jumping Squats - 20 seconds

tabata workout - jumping squats
tabata workout -2

Rest - 10 seconds

Plank Tucks - 20 seconds

tabata workout - plank tucks
tabata workout - 2
tabatat workout -4

Rest - 10 seconds

Repeat 4 more times = 1 Round

3 Rounds Total

Depending on your fitness level rest accordingly:
Beginners rest 1 minute in between rounds
Intermediate rest 30 seconds in between ​rounds
Advanced no rest

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