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I've had an epiphany. It has to do with Bone Broth. I know, you're thinking...“A Bone Broth Epiphany? What is she talking about?”

I'm going to share a bit about the incredible healing and vitality I've experienced from Bone Broths. I'll also share my Proper How to Make Bone Broth Recipe today. This is the first post in a series, of three.

Next time, I'll go deeper in depth about the nutritional profile, and share more about the healing of a myriad of my Hypothyroid symptoms, including the awe-mazing weight loss I've experienced.

I'll also include one of my favorite easy recipes to make with it. The third post is a surprise. A lil suspense adds to fun, don't ya think?

I've always been a very active person, a Dancer, Choreographer and Multi Media Performer. Hiking, Free climbing. Mostly barefoot. In the wilds of Northern California.

Until I fell and shattered a couple bones in my leg. I was in surgery for 8 hours while they put it back together. I was being irradiated with x-ray the entire time.

The injury, and the surgery, along with the immobility, really took me out of commission for awhile. The amount of ex-ray had a detrimental and hard hitting effect on my already-sometimes Low Thyroid.

Healing was a slow and challenging journey. It surprised me. I'm used to warrior-level physical challenges, so this was something new, different, and very, difficult.

I'd never really known how it would feel to not be in total and powerful command of one's body. Very Humbling.

The reason I'm sharing this with you, is because I want to convey, how I went from barely being able to walk, to getting my swagger back. Full on.

In a very short amount of time, once I had the Bone Broth Epiphany.

What actually happened was, I just got good at it. I'm a professional chef, a naturally curious researcher and love perfecting recipes.

I figured out how to make a “Proper Bone Broth,” and created a healing protocol for myself, around it, which was so easy. Then, everything changed.

I'd recently had some really extreme challenges with my Hypothyroid. The kind that really define “Autoimmune Dis-ease.” where you cannot really even get out of bed, and normal, everyday tasks are huge accomplishments. Not fun.

Then I really got the alchemy of creating a Proper Bone Broth down. And the effects I felt were huge. Huge.

Before, I would experience the relief of certain symptoms, and it was really effective. It was helping relieve chronic pain and inflammation. It also had a positive effect on my digestive system.

Now, I was experiencing the total elimination of chronic symptoms, and I had a lot more strength and energy than before. I also felt really, really happy.

I knew I was onto something. I could feel it, as I sipped, and the Bone Broth warmed me with a golden glow from inside.

And there I finally did….get my swagger back…

And, I had an epiphany. I experienced my vitality and strength returning.

Seriously. Within the space a week, I went from barely being able to walk, to being able to stride. To being able to painlessly put my weight on the leg with all that hardware still in it. To being able to dance.

For over two years I had made slow, steady progress getting my body back after the injury. Then, in a week's time, I felt like my powerful, younger self again. I like those kind of results.

Actually, the focus in my healing practice is just that. Discovering the key to a particular healing challenge, applying it, and experiencing rapid and sustainable results. Orthomolecular Medicine and Orhtomolecular Nutrition works like that.

We can look at the constituents in Bone Broth, and see exactly why these *right molecules contribute to well-being in ways that other foods don't. Even if you're only a lil bit of a geek, you'll still totally get it.

We all know that Chicken Soup is a great remedy for healing a cold, but do you know why? One reason is that Chicken Broth contains Zinc-Carnosine, a vital nutrient that is only found in flesh foods.

Carnosine is antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal nutrient that heals and seals the lining of the gut. It kills pathogens, and helps restore the balance of healthy flora throughout the gut. It also eliminates mucus, and repairs the cilia in your lungs and bronchials. Pretty amazing, huh?

We can take that home remedy even further by making a proper bone broth. A Proper Bone Broth also contains an immense amount of Protein, along with amino acids Proline, Glycine and Glucosamine, along with Collagen.

Bone Broth contains the raw materials to build and repair bone, joints, ligaments and tendons, and relieve pain and inflammation.

So are you ready to make some Bone Broth? Let's start with a basic Chicken Bone Broth. This broth is absolutely delicious and very versatile.

Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

how to make bone broth recipe

Kitchen Equipment Need and Ingredients:

- Crock Pot
- 1 Pasture Raised Chicken
- Veggie Scraps (save in your freezer from previously made meals)
- 2 Onions
- 3-5 Cloves Garlic
- Bay Leaves
- 2-3 Carrots
- Several Celery Stalks
- Apple Cider Vinegar
- Parsley
- Fresh Ginger
- Fresh Turmeric Root (can substitute with powder if fresh is not available)
- Filtered Water
- Peppercorns
- Shiitake & Maitake Mushrooms 

Begin with a Pasture raised Chicken. I like to buy several split breasts, and a few legs, maybe a couple thighs. (Including legs in your broth is very important to get plenty of collagen and other aminos and minerals in there.)

First, you want to roast your chicken. I have several ways I like to season it, the simplest being coated with Coconut Oil, Italian Herbs, Celtic Sea salt, and freshly Ground Peppercorns and Coriander.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, and roast for about 45-50 minutes. I also like to add chunks of onion, whole garlic cloves, and sweet potatoes, cut about to 1 ½” size. Toss all this with Coconut Oil, herbs and spices.

Enjoy your roast chicken, and strip all the meat off the bones.

Into your Crock Pot, add all the bones, along with half an onion, (skin too) a Bay leaf or two, two Tbs of both fresh Ginger & Turmeric, thinly sliced. Add 2 Tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar, and cover with filtered water. Turn it on low, and let simmer for 36-48 hours. The ideal temperature is 205 degrees, and I recommend checking it with a thermometer.

I usually begin mine at night, checking and adding a bit more water in the morning, if necessary. Simmering for at least 48 hours is the key to unlocking all the minerals and nutrients from the bones.

In the last 12 hours, I add all my veggies. I save the stems of Shiitake and Maiitake Mushrooms, Chard, Onion tops and peels, Garlic scraps, Beet tops, and whatever else you've been preparing. You can save them in your freezer, and accumulate a nice assortment of nutritious veggie scraps for your delicious bone broth.

I also add a few Celery Stalks, and a couple Carrots, (just not the tops, which have phytic acids) chopped into large pieces. I also add more onion, and a few Garlic Cloves, at this point, along with Parsley Stems and Leaf, and ¼ tsp of Peppercorns.

Continue Simmering the Bone Broth for at least another 8-12 hours. I wait until the last phase of preparation before adding the veggies, because they can make the Broth bitter, if they stew too long.

You can strain your Broth after 48 hours, and you can also pull some out, remove the veggie bits, add some water, even more roasted bones, and keep it going! At this point, you can sip the broth as is.

Be sure to salt it to taste first. I also like to at least add some freshly ground Peppercorns and Coriander (yum!) and finely chopped Parsley.

bone broth recipe

The nutritional profile of this Bone Broth is so amazing! Turmeric is an important component, proven to have very powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, (analgesic) effects. In medical studies, Turmeric has been shown to be able to replace 14 different Pharmaceutical drugs!

It also has the ability to turn our unhealthy white fat cells, into healthy brown fat, reducing adipose fatty deposits around the middle. Wow. Just wow.

I find it really is a powerful plant ally. It also helps with calming and soothing the entire digestive track.

The benefits and full nutrient profile of a Proper Bone Broth are so plentiful, that's the subject of another post! I hope your enjoy the delicious benefits of this ancient, original Superfood, and make it a mainstay in your kitchen.

Cheers! To your Health!!

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Merina Bellocchio

Merina is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Chef, Orthomolecular Nutritionist, and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Drawing upon a back ground that also includes Herbalism, Spiritual Nutrition, Ayurveda and other modalities, she is passionate about helping people discover their optimum potential employing “food as medicine,” and utilizing the “*right molecule” as a key. Using simple, yet powerful natural solutions to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance, and restore health, joy and vitality.

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