New Moon meditation

Today I'd like to share with you a New Moon mantra meditation for attracting opportunities.  The new moon signifies the perfect time for plant seeds of intentions, new beginnings and improving your health.  

The moon phases have a direct influence on your material and spiritual expansion. Since most of these influences are not easily seen by the untrained eye. Most think this is hippie/witchy bs...

Yet every government uses the moon phases to plan out there year. Farmers use it to plan out their crops. And certain big time billionaire's like Bill Gates also use the moon phases to plan out business strategies for the year (he has a Aryurvedic Astrologer that consults him)..

The influence the planets have on the physical and spiritual world  has been commonly known as "the unseen world" by mystics. One teacher I met claims that the unseen world affects the seen world by 90%...(oh if you are new to meditation check out this post on Meditation for Beginners here)

Just think full moon madness, mercury retrograde, or even something a bit more visible and traceable like Solar Flares. All these occurrences disturbs the magnetic field of earth. Which affects not only our technology but our physical and emotional health as well...

You know what else is supposed to follow the 28 days cycles of the moon?   Women's menstrual cycles. Ladies, how many times have you had your period on a full moon?

During those 28 days the moon goes thru two cycles. Each cycle lasts two weeks. They are termed waxing and waning. The waxing begins with the new moon. During this time the moon grows (visibly) from a tiny sliver to full. The energy behind this time is expansion...

Once the moon is full it's next phase begins for two weeks which is termed waning. And the moon begins to decrease. The energy behind this time is that of releasing or removal...(here is a full moon meditation for you)

When you start to recognize these phases and move according to them you'll begin to notice and pattern. I won't mention what it is. I wan't you to experience it.

Living in sync with these phases you will begin to get a universal support of sorts. And most importantly you will be connecting to rituals that have been around since the beginning of time.

All major religions at one time honored these cycles as well. You can see the influences in their sacred texts as well as in the architecture of the sacred buildings.

Since the New Moon is meant to support expansion I am going to share with you a mantra mediation  for attracting opportunities to bring a little extra abundance into your life.

But before I give you this meditation I want to say something about the "Law of Attraction"...I am not in  full agreement with these books, movies and courses teaching this supposed secret law... More so how they teach. I'll tell you why...

Your thoughts do create your reality. I agree with that point. But just because you believe you should have abundance doesn't mean you'll get it. The universe isn't here to shower people with abundance. At least not material abundance. I'll explain...

As long as you have breath, you have life. That in its own is a huge blessing and privilege. The true secret to abundance what the "Law of Attraction" crew forgets to mention is GRATITUDE. 

When you show gratitude you become less hungry in a spiritual and material sense. Then that's when abundance starts showing up. Also the greatest form of prayer is action. So if you want to be abundant create a plan and move towards it daily. (this is called practical spirituality)

Having positive thoughts is very important. But so is living a positive life. (Bill Nye the science guy does a good job explaining the universe here 😉

Now one the reasons this meditation helps attract opportunities is because it helps strengthen your magnetic energy (aura). Have you ever noticed someone walk into a room and you sense like their presence just light up the room?

Or maybe you've heard of the term "magnetic personality"? That's unknowingly referring to your aura.

You see this mediation works on your center. Your navel. Pumping this area helps strengthen your nervous system which in turn affects your magnetic field.

In a future post all breakdown some yogic science behind the aura, so that you get a bigger picture why it's important to work on it.

But for now I want to give you this new moon mantra meditation for attracting opportunities to try. It will only take you 11 minutes to do.

New Moon Mantra Meditation For Attracting Opportunities​

Sit comfortably with your back straight. And take three long breaths to center yourself.

When chanting this Mantra pull in your navel anytime you pronounce HAR.


Mudra: Gyan Mudra ( Thumb tip touch index finger tip) Place hands palms up on knees.

 Time: Continue this mediation for 11 minutes

To end: Inhale deeply, hold breath in as long as you can, then exhale and relax.  

Some more comments on the meaning of these mantras:

HAR is the creative force manifested. When you pronounce it roll the "R". This way it sounds like you are saying HARA instead. This creates a relationship between your tongue, upper pallet and navel. Which in yogic science this represents union of the 3 elements Water, Air, Fire.

GOBINDAY = the Sustainer
MUKANDAY = the Liberator or Enlighter

UDHAARAY = who elevates or lifts one up
UDHAARAY = that carries on across
HAREE-ANG = the Destroyer
KAREE-ANG = the Creator
NIRNAAMAY = beyond description by any name
AKAAMAY = beyond any desire


I hope you enjoyed this new moon mantra meditation for attracting opportunities. I also hope you begin to become more aware of the effects the phases of the moon. And how move within them can be a great support for you.

Following the cycles doesn't mean you should restricted from doing certain things. But rather it a good time use those natural phases to replenish, renew, and then begin. Nature is at a constant balance with these forces for a reason.

I know that in this world you sometimes feel like you have to always push push to get somewhere. But in reality sometimes you need to slow down regroup so that your next steps will be more powerful and with more intention.​ 

Let me know how you enjoyed this meditation. And if there any other meditations that you'd like to learn in the comment section below. Oh and come back next week for part 2 of our Meditation for Beginners Series. 



Sebstian Muenda

I have dedicated the last 16 years of my life to health, fitness, and spirituality. I have taught classes, have a private practice and have opened up past businesses to support the community in reaching their highest potential within health, fitness, and spirituality.

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