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Want A Body That Inspires and Gets People’s Attention

Join Warrior Fit Personal Training Today and in just 60 days you’ll experience a total body transformation.

Most of us dream of having that body we see on fitness magazine covers while we wait in line at the grocery store. Yet, how many times have you told yourself this is the year you’ll achieve that physique. If you only  knew how to get there.

With so many programs being constantly sold to you its hard to decide where to start.

The easiest and quickest way to get on the right track is to have some one experienced to lead the way. This will save you months or years of trail and error.

I promise if you choose me, that with my expertise you’ll see dramatic results quickly. I will personally breakdown the myths and science of body sculpting, body building, boxing and muay thai. You’ll be surprised how much your body will change within only 60 days.

I have a personal training certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine (which is cute and all), but I feel like I got my PHD in personal training while living in LA for two years. I trained in the mecca “Gold’s Gym” in Venice Beach, CA along side some of top Body builders and master trainers of the world.

They gave me a lot of guidance and direction on how to train the most efficiently. And most import how to SEE results after every training session. I gained about 20 lbs of muscle training amongst these champs.

And I know I can give you the same results. If a skinny ex-vegan like me can go from 160 – 180 pounds while gaining muscle and losing fat. SO CAN YOU.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive while training with me:

   Lose Body Fat: especially around your mid-section
   Gain Musclce
   Improve Cardiovascular Health: Thru fun boxing conditioning(I’ll even let you punch me;)
   Improve Agility & Coordination: With some some simple yet challenging drills you’ll feel more connected to your body       and more fluid in your movements.
   Improve Felxiblity: Lower body and upper body. (I’ll teach you how I was able to get into a full front split within only 3         months)
   Learn Self Defense: thru Boxing and Muay Thai

You have the option to train One-on-One or in small group (4 people) training session.

During our time together we begin with a 10 minute warm-up, then some dynamic stretching (stretch while moving). Then we jump into your prescribed workout which can range from 40 – 50 minutes. And then we end with some cool down stretching.

During your workout we will incorporate from the following:

Weight training
    Kettlebell training
    Muay Thai
    Interval training

So whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete. My programs will help improve your physique, your mind, and give you a better overall feeling about yourself.

One session Cost is $85. or You can choose a monthly plan and receive a large discount (call for details).

Also as a bonus when you book your session today, I’ll give you:

2 Free Workout Sessions
    30 minute sports specific massage

*Also if within 30 days of training you don’t see and feel some positive results I’ll give you a Money Back Guarantee.

So Hurry the body you always wanted is just a phone call away.

Make your appointment today!

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ps. If you really want to change your physique and are motivated to start call me today and I’ll let you know how you can start for
only $30.

Call  510-323-3853 today!

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