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The importance of good sleep is so overlooked in todays society. It's either due to the demand of our jobs, families, school or the need to party. We constantly lose quality time for the restful sleep our brain and body needs. That's why today I want teach you a simple 3 minute meditation for sleep that will help you feel refreshed and recharged.

How many of you have suffered from restless nights not being able to sleep?...I know I have experienced many restless nights of tossing and turning. Every time you glance at the time the hours keep flying by and your just laying there awake!? I get stressed out just thinking about those nights...

I have suffered from insomnia on and off since my late teens. (it doesn't help that I have a creative entrepreneur mind either. That likes to feel it's brightest around 12 am.) This sometimes makes It's hard to function at your highest when your burning both ends...

Plus the older I get the more I feel like I need some good bear like sleep. If I can get 8 hours in, hmm I am in heaven...

If you are wondering what's the amount of hours you need for healthy sleep. It varies within your age group. (I added a infographic below the video demonstrating those times) On the average we should all be aiming for 7-9 hours a night.

Here is a simple explanation of the biology and chemistry behind sleeping and why it's so important for you from
"Cerebral spinal fluid is pumped more quickly throughout your brain while you sleep. It acts like a dishwasher, whisking away waste products that brain cells make. So you wake up with, quite literally a clean state."

I have many reasons to be grateful for mediation and it's positive effects in my life.  More specifically certain  breath work techniques that have been such huge help for me during the times I am battling insomnia.

So for the nights I am feeling extra restless I like to do the meditation below which helps calm your nerves and mind. All it takes is about 3 - 5 minutes and then I'm ready for some good sleep. 

Quick note: When you begin doing this meditation start doing it for just 3 minutes then build up to 10 minutes. 

Meditation For Sleep

This meditation is focused on a specific breathing technique called Sitali Pranayam.

This powerful breathing technique helps cool your body, reduce anger and anxiety, calms your mind, nerves, and gives you an overall peaceful feeling to help you sleep better.

To begin sit in a comfortable place. Sit up as straight as possible. 

Take a few deep inhales to center your self to begin.

To begin this meditation: Inhale through a curled tongue. Imaging you are drinking air through your tongue.
Hold in the air as long as possible.
Exhale through your nose.

When starting out repeat for 3 minutes. Then work your way up to 10 minutes.

Below is a infographic from the demonstrating the hours of recommended sleep. Are you getting enough sleep?

meditation for sleep


Next time you are having a restless night and feel like you can't fall asleep give this mediation a try. Just give a try for 3 minutes to begin with.

Come back and let me know how you feel after doing this meditation. just leave me a comment section below. 

Rest well.



Sebstian Muenda

I have dedicated the last 16 years of my life to health, fitness, and spirituality. I have taught classes, have a private practice and have opened up past businesses to support the community in reaching their highest potential within health, fitness, and spirituality.

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