Healthy Fats for your body

Does eating fat make us fat?

For a long time this was the common notion when it came to adding fats to our meals. Most think It's bad for your heart and bad for your cholesterol. Not really though...

Thanks to the pivotal work of research writer Gary Taubes. He has been able to prove where those lies began and how/why they were started in the first place.

He has given us great and actually exciting details in his books "Why WeGet Fat" (the simplified story) & "Good Calories & Bad Calories" (more for the research lover) <-one of my personal favorite books.

Here are some conclusions found from his books:

  • Eating fat doesn't actually make us fat. It's the insulin cycle triggered by eating carbohydrates.
  • The easily-digestible carbs like refined flour, soda, and potatoes are the worst offenders.
  • For weight loss, a low-carb diet is a lot more effective than a low-fat, high carb one 

And if you are having doubts that you can be in shape by eating large amounts of fats. Well here is a list of the top 30 Crossfit athletes . Who's diets consists of mostly Paleo which usually favors consuming high amounts of fat.

While fats might not be the culprit to weight gains all fats are definitely not created equal. So for your health benefit take a look at these healthy fats and make sure you are adding some or all of these to your daily diet.

The 5 Best Healthy Fats  
For Your Body

healthy fats


With this infographic you can see it is easy to add these 5 healthy fat options to your daily health regime.

If you are wanting to lose some weight and are thinking to try out a low carb make sure you are adding more fats to replace them.

I would recommend downloading an app like myfitnesspal to help you keep track of the amount of carbs and fats you are eating. As a good rule of thumb if you want to lose weight aim for 0.5-1 gram of carbs per pound of body weight.

Cheers to good fats and good health!

Make 2016
Your Healthiest
Year Ever!

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